The Vision Driving Them Forward

Their mission is to support animal welfare through a variety of channels as well as efforts towards conservation, environmental sustainability and supporting the communities in which these animals live.

Meet the CASA (The Community of Animals of Southeast Asia)

A dedicated team made up of people working overseas as well as individuals located within Indonesia, each with their own roles and responsibilities. They also often collaborate with other organizations or activists working on similar issues and aim to create a network of individuals who are passionate about conservation. 

CASA’s immediate goals are to rescue animals at risk of illnesses and ultimate death currently living or being dumped on the streets of Bali. Furthermore, they seek to support and provide vaccination and sterilisation programs for the community, in order to reduce the risk of disease, dumping, and mistreatment. CASA also hopes to support wildlife organizations across the Southeast Asian region that work towards protecting domestic and wild animals in conjunction with environmental concerns advocating for and supporting such projects.

Targeted UN SDGs
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Why is this Cause Important?

  • Animal welfare groups estimate as many as one million dogs are killed annually in Indonesia.
  • There are an estimated 500,000 stray dogs in Bali alone.
  • Rabies outbreaks due to lack of vaccinations causes up to 10 human deaths a year. 

Purposeful Objectives
Rescuing animals

Successfully rescuing animals at risk of illnesses and death on the streets of Bali and providing education on animal welfare.


Giving animals a loving home through serving as an adoption center for their rescued and rehabilitated animals.

Vaccination and sterilisation

Providing vaccination and sterilisation programs for the community in order to reduce the risk of diseases, animal abandonment and mistreatment.

Protecting wildlife

Supporting other wildlife organisations across SEA that work towards protecting domestic and wild animals.

Image for CASA / The Bali Dog

When you choose to support C.A.S.A through purchasing a GiveCard, you will be contributing to the conservation of the iconic Bali Dog species – the island’s genetically unique street dog that is under threat.

Malnutrition, lack of vaccinations and various forms of animal cruelty have been an ongoing issue for the dogs and cats on the island of Bali. However, since the rabies outbreak in 2008 and the fear it caused has resulted in continuous mass culling of free-roaming dogs. Combined with the dog-meat trade and cross-breading from the import of foreign breeds, the Bali Dog is now facing an extreme number of threats. While the project focuses on the conservation of the native Bali Dog, CASA does not believe that any dog deserves to be mistreated or neglected and will therefore rescue and support any type of animal that needs their help.

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