The Vision Driving Them Forward

An empowered younger generation fully equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to break free from the poverty cycle, and create a healthy and safe environment for themselves and their families.


BGBJ directly translates to “The Seeds of Bantar Gebang,” which is a rubbish landfill located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Bantar Gebang is Southeast Asia’s largest landfill.

This non-profit organization was founded by Resa Boenard, who grew up in both a home and a dump. Instead of abandoning her roots, she decided to attend them by returning home after her university education with a clear mission: to help the local community through educational programs, training and more. Every week, Resa also invites the children into her own home to learn, play and socialise in a more positive environment. BGBJ focuses on children, as Resa believes kids are the positive seeds for a safer, better and cleaner future.

Targeted UN SDGs
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Why is this Cause Important?

  • Every day, Indonesia generates 175,000 tons of waste.
  • About 14% of this waste, or 24,500 tons is made up of plastics.
  • According to the World Bank’s Indonesia Marine Debris Hotspots Rapid Assessment, 20% of plastic waste in Indonesia is believed to end up in rivers and coastal waters.

Purposeful Objectives

Providing young people with the education and life skills necessary to live a better life (classes include a variety of topics: English, IT, health, nutrition, sports, music, art and more).

Increasing awareness

Increasing awareness and knowledge around waste management and BGBJ living conditions, by providing site visits for school excursions.


Fostering a healthy and safe learning environment.

Community outreach

Extending reach throughout the community by creating a social enterprise, offering safe working conditions, real-world skills and a decent wage.

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As you can see and imagine, extremely poor living conditions are their reality. There are over 3,000 families living on the rubbish landfill. Parents earn a meagre income by picking through around 8,000 tonnes of trash coming in everyday from Jakarta and beyond. As a result, many children are forced to work instead of learn, because money and immediate survival is prioritized over education. This is a major challenge for BGBJ.

The continuing school drop-outs by children turned teenagers continues, in order to support their families. But it does not need to stay that way.

When you choose to support BGBJ through purchasing a GiveCard, you will be contributing towards changing this reality to help create a much better one for the entire Bantar Gebang community, as well as future generations to come. 

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